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Image by Julio Lopez


Singing Bowl


Pain free is possible… I had a “tennis elbow” or “golfer’s elbow” issue for years. Even the exercises recommended by my wonderful physical therapist did not completely relieve the discomfort. While it didn’t burn or smart all the time I was definitely aware of it in certain situations. Enter Jess and her Rossiter technique… absolutely unbelievable… the discomfort and pain was gone after the first treatment… all 10 minutes of it. I asked for a follow up a few weeks later just to be on the safe side. That was a few months ago and I’m absolutely tickled to report that my elbow issues are a thing of the past. Yeah!!! Thanks Jess!



I can’t put in to words how much Jess has helped me in the past year . I have chronic neck and back issues and go to Jess every 2 weeks for over a year now. Jess offers so many different techniques as well as energy work. Each massage is different, Jess can just tell where your body needs it and gets it done. Her massages are so heartfelt, I can feel her heart ❤ and soul on every massage. I walk out of her spa feeling like a new person. By going to her helps me lead a much better life. All massages aren’t created equal, when you have a massage with Jess, you will know what I mean. Also love ❤ her flexible hours. God Bless you Jess for all you have done for me to help lead a normal life.



Jessica is a wonderful therapist. She has lessened my pain and stress. Such a blessing!

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