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~Queensbury: Massage & Energy Work~

Prashanti Wellness Treatments

*Any No-Show appointments will be charged full price for the scheduled service

**Massage packages are also available. Buy 5 get the 6th for free (paid in full up front)

***Pricing is available when you book on schedulicity

Swedish/ Relaxation Massage

This therapeutic massage combines gentle long, flowing strokes along with kneading techniques to promote total relaxation, improved circulation, and facilitate healing.

Maternity Massage

This gentle and calming massage alleviates muscle tension and fatigue during and after pregnancy. Your experienced professional will focus on the needs of your changing body.  The mother-to-be is safely positioned, while sidelying, utilizing pillows and bolsters for maximum  comfort.

Lomi Lomi Massage

Using a combination of full-body and under-body strokes, your therapist will lightly stretch your limbs and rotate your joints to free up energy flow. Sometimes they might even massage two different parts of your body at once to stop your brain focusing on one specific area. Working on the belief that memories are stored in every individual cell of the body, the continuous strokes are designed to encourage the body to let go of any worries or concerns that could be causing you stress and strain. A deep style of massage, Lomi Lomi therapists like to use as many parts of their body as they can to massage you – from fingers, thumbs, palms, arms and elbows to knees and possibly even feet. No two Lomi Lomi massages will ever be the same.

With Lomi Lomi, you also get a few added extras compared to other massage therapies so it’s worth knowing all the ins and outs if you’re thinking of booking in for one. Firstly, it’s not unusual for your therapist to start humming at various intervals throughout your treatment. This is not an attempt to serenade you, but to create a vibrating energy which helps stimulate and unblock your energy flow. And just as important as the humming are the Hula movements to get that energy flow going- so if you open your eyes for a sneaky peak, don’t be surprised to see your therapist dancing and shimmying around you.

Barefoot Yomassage

Done with the client fully clothed, this massage incorporates breathwork, supported stretches and mindfulness. This relaxing technique helps your body fully relax while improving posture, increasing range of motion and muscle responsiveness and just helping the client to feel nice and refreshed. This session can be performed on 1-3 clients all in the same session (please note the price variations above).


Ashi-Thai is an expression of traditional Thai massage techniques where the therapist maneuvers your limbs into deep relaxing stretches. Compression of muscle tissue is applied throughout the session, helping to release spasm, muscle contraction and tension, always working within your perfect range of pressure. Imagine taking a nap while your body subconsciously takes a yoga class on its own — this is Ashi-Thai.

In an Ashi-Thai session, the client relaxes on a comfortable massage table (in loose fitting clothes) while the therapist stands on the table holding onto overhead bars for balance and support, using their feet to deliver the massage and apply deep stretches. The advantage of this massage — both for the client and the therapist — is that Ashi-Thai allows gravity to do the work, leveraging the therapists’ body weight to provide a depth and leverage unmatched by other techniques.

Thai Reflexology Massage

This therapeutic and relaxing session works with the reflex points in the feet and massage on the lower leg. The reflex points are worked on through fingertip pressure and specific tools. This session helps to unblock energy and produce balance and well-being.

Manual Lymph Drainage (MLD) 

A very gentle, light form of bodywork (not a massage) that focuses on draining lymph fluid and excess water from swollen areas. This technique can be used to help relieve symptoms from not only lymphadema but also bloating, headaches, swelling from surgery as well as many other issues. (Safe to receive 6-8 hours post surgery.)

Reiki and Crystal Energy Massage

This specialized massage session focuses on energy points in the body to facilitate healing from within.  Specific healing crystals and gemstones will be used to help balance the body and align the chakras.  Enhance your experience as universal life force energy flows during the Reiki portion of this treatment.  Revive your body, mind, spirit and soul as a relaxing massage is focused on your back, neck, shoulders and reflex points of the feet.  You will enjoy the therapeutic benefits of aromatherapy as 100% pure essential oils are applied during your session.

VST Session:

Vibrational Sound Therapy combines tones with powerful vibrations to bring on an almost immediate state of relaxation. Introducing the sound waves directly into the body in conjunction with soothing ambient tones is a very powerful treatment. Clients have reported effects ranging from a calm meditative state to a deep relaxation. Many clients report a sense of being mentally “refreshed” as well as a significant decrease in aches and pains.

Relaxation from a VST session brings on the same kind of brainwaves as yoga, tai chi and meditation. (Many clients fall asleep at some point during a session.) Clients quickly drop into alpha brainwaves, which are associated with daydreaming and pre- sleep. The breathing and heart rate slows and muscle tension releases. Being in this relaxed state allows the body to focus on healing and repairing itself. VST is the ultimate relaxation session. This session combines the many benefits of a VST session with a relaxing, muscle soothing massage. You'll get so relaxed you won't want to leave!

Deep Tissue/Customized Massage       
A highly therapeutic massage designed for individuals wanting a more detailed massage that works on specific muscle groups.  When muscles are stressed, they block oxygen and nutrients, leading to inflammation that builds up toxins in the muscle tissue.  A deep-tissue massage helps loosen muscle tissues, release toxins from muscles and promotes the blood and oxygen to circulate properly.  This type of massage also breaks down scar tissue, known as restrictive fascia.

Hot Stone Massage 

This art of healing uses hot river stones as an extension of your therapist’s hands to bring relief to tense muscles throughout the body.  The smooth hot stones penetrate heat deep into the muscles to promote a sense of relaxation while effectively working the muscles and balancing your energy.

Chavutti Thirumal

Literally meaning foot pressure this is a traditional Indian massage technique, thought to be approximately two thousand years old. Unlike most massage modalities, Chavutti Thirumal is unique as the feet are predominately used to deliver the treatment, this act an art form, with the technique being precisely executed by the practitioner’s foot, in long, sweeping therapeutic motions from the fingers to the toes of the recipient. The main focus of Chavutti Thirumal is to increase flexibility, so the position of the recipients body on the floor with the therapist holding on to a rope for support, is paramount. Correctly positioned, the massage enables postural muscles to strengthen, the hips and thoracic area to open, and the energetic channels (nadi’s) to become activated.

This art of healing uses hot river stones as an extension of your therapist’s hands to bring relief to tense muscles throughout the body.  The smooth hot stones penetrate heat deep into the muscles to promote a sense of relaxation while effectively working the muscles and balancing your energy.


Shiatsu in Japanese means “finger pressure”; it is a type of massage consisting of finger and palm pressure, as well as stretches. Shiatsu practitioners promote it as a way to help people relax and cope with issues such as stress, muscle pain, nausea, anxiety, and depression.

Reflexology Massage

Tiny nerves, called reflexes, correspond to every organ and system within the body.  These points are addressed during this special foot massage to reduce stress, revitalize and balance energy in the whole body.


A gentle, non-invasive healing energy, has the capability of relieving pain, healing the body and reducing emotional trauma. For those with acute or chronic conditions, Reiki can provide significant pain relief, speed up the healing process and can be used in conjunction with traditional medicine. Reiki brings about body harmony, emotional and physical clearing. In addition to its healing capability, Reiki can also promote a greater sense of vitality while reducing stress.

Integrative Energy Therapy (IET)

IET clears cellular memory of physical and emotional blockages.  It “clears issues from your tissues” that can negatively affect our life. IET can clear energy imprints resulting from past life karma. IET uses integration points to energize energy blocks, release the blocks and integrate new energy patterns.

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